Pillows from quilt top

I took a quilt top my Mamaw made that was not exactly working as an overall design and cut it into several pieces. With some white cotton I created two pillow covers. You can see the first pillow cover finished on the bookcase. The second pillow cover is on my cutting mat, in process.

Charlotte, my sister, told me upon receiving them, they were just what she imagined. The pillows now live in her guest bedroom on twin beds. Some of the fabric is of our father’s shirts when he was a child, making these pillows even more special now that both our Mamaw and Father are gone (1983 and 1997).

An aside: I also received a quilt top from my Mamaw. I sent it to Gayle in Louisiana to be long arm quilted. It was in the days when those offering this service were rare; she had a 1-yr waiting list. My, how times have changed, eh? That quilt has some holes in it already, perhaps cutting it up for pillows would have been a better choice, ya think?


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