Florafox pillow for daughter

I’ve been happily sewing this weekend. I completed this pillow that my daughter asked me to make. Her only request was that I use a piece of fabric in it, found at Volksfaden. I blogged about it here and here. It’s Florafox by Farbenmix, by German design team Janina & Sabine Pollehn.

Here’s my initial pile of fabric for this pillow. I ended up not using the linen, white, or the purple polka dot.

After being frustrated with the look of the pillow, I dug out the remains of a quilt top that my Mamaw made probably in the 1940’s. I cut a piece and sewed a strip on either side of it. Love it.

Btw – I’ve already made three pillows as gifts from this top – a cutter. I love that my daughter will have a piece of her great-grandmother’s stitching. She hand-pieced it. She has not seen it yet. I hope she likes it.


2 thoughts on “Florafox pillow for daughter

  1. That pillow really looks great Scarlett! I know that your daughter is going to love it and it’s wonderful that part of her great-grandmother’s ? stitching is part ot it.

    Hugs XX

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