Trip to McMinnville

On a recent trip to McMinnville, Tennessee, my brother and I stopped to see this celebrated 250+ year old white oak known as The Birthing Tree. According to area folklore, many pregnant women – having just crossed the Barren Fork river – went into labor and had their babies under this tree. Note, this was before bridges so crossing a body of water with wagons and what you carried on your back was a daunting task. Across the street from this tree, is a modern day Birthing Center. That just seems right doesn’t it?

Because the tree is so large, it’s hard to get a photo of it in it’s entirety. Here’s the sign explaining its significance. Notice the girth of the tree.

We picked up homemade jellies (blueberry, fig, apple butter) at Viola Valley Berry Farm. I gifted the fig preserves to my nephew – who loves to cook.

Viola Valley’s main business is growing trees, it’s a major nursery in the area. Here’s a peek inside one of their greenhouses.

If all this was not enough to recall this as a Red Letter Day, I found a quilt shop in McMinnville named B.J.’s. They carry good quality fabric, but at a discount (overstock and discontinued). I picked up some Katy Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt and even made a new friend, a fellow shopper named Tootie.


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