Holidays: Kickin’ it in Fayetteville

RowCharDowntownFayettevilleChristmasThis is my sweet and beloved twin sister with my grandson as we took in the annual ‘Lights of the Ozarks’ on the square in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My daughter was along, but was so sick she should have been in bed. She’s always been a trooper when it comes to traveling, and luckily, was well in 24 hours.

rsz_approachingLightsSquareHere’s another shot of the square. That’s 450,000 lights, according to the festival website. Besides the dazzle, you can pet a reindeer, ride a camel (former circus performer), or take it easy in a horse drawn carriage.

mustache shop arkansasA highlight was stopping in at The Mustache. Their logo is so cute.

Image credit: The Mustache: Goods and Wears


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